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At HomeSold GA, we love to connect with other real estate investors! If you are a Buyer, Agent or Lender, we should get to know each other. We are sure to have an opportunity that will work for you!


All Buyers are welcome to purchase directly from HomeSold GA! Whether you are planning to purchase a property to live in, a house to use as a rental or if you’re looking for your next Fix & Flip…we are here to help. Be sure to Register here as a Buyer so you don’t miss any potential property matches!

Investor Agents

Are you an Investor Agent looking to build a future with your existing real estate knowledge? We offer a unique training program to teach you everything necessary to take control of your finances and your future. This is an opportunity to stop waiting on Zillow leads to show up and really help your local community and homeowners who need it most!

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Private Lenders

Here’s your opportunity to deploy capital in a more effective way than a savings account at your local bank. Join our group of Private Money Lenders who enjoy steady returns on their money while knowing its secured with proper legal documentation and insurance coverage.

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